Star Wars Forum UK


This is where you can chat to other collectors about anything to do with Star Wars toys. There are sections for vintage and modern collectables, and you can also post adverts for items you are selling, or are searching for.


This community is growing rapidly, and many of the members are experienced collectors. So if you feel you have something to offer or are searching for answers, please sign up and start posting.


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Forum rules


• This is a public forum and I have no control over the posts made by other members. If you are easily offended, please view with caution, as it is not censored.


• Hateful behaviour will not be tolerated, so please do not deliberately offend anybody. Everyone is welcome.


• You must be registered and logged in to view posts. This is to encourage "lurkers" to join in the discussions, and to give an accurate representation of how many people use the forum.


Last updated: 29/07/2007

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