I am always on the look out for figures I do not currently have. So if you have any carded figures in good condition that you want to sell, whether it's one or a whole collection, please get in touch.


My main focus at the moment is Tri-logo figures, so I would especially be interested in those right now.


I may also be happy to trade if you see something of mine that you would like, so feel free to ask. My e-mail address is at the bottom right corner of every page on this site.

Figures for sale


Generally I do not sell my carded figures, however from time to time I do replace figures or change my current focus, so please let me know if I have anything in my collection that you really want.


When I do sell items, it is usually on Ebay. You can view my current items for sale by clicking here.


There is also often figures for sale by members of this site's forum, just follow the link at the top and visit the sales section. You can also post your own wants list there.

Last updated: 29/07/2007

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